Mom Figures Out How to Lock Her Kid's Game Consoles, Literally


Today in things that are all at once hilarious and completely evil: one mother was getting fed up with the fact that her kid spent what she felt was an extreme amount of time playing games, and so she came up with a perfect, absolutely villainous old-fashioned remedy.

With families in mind, many electronics and game consoles these days come with parental locks to help parents control the amount of game time that their kids have. It's generally affective if your kid isn't a gremlin, but since so many are, it's not always successful. Tech-savvy kids can break those digital locks and keep playing with little more than a YouTube tutorial to guide them, and the mother of Twitter user sasamipicata seemed to have already tried and failed at that.

So she did things the hard way, instead.

“I’d like to say to parents in Japan with kids who play games for a long time that this is going too far," wrote sasamipicata earlier this week, posting a photo of their physically locked console, before follow it up with even more documentation of how their mom had recently decided to regulate game time.

With a different lock, sasamipicata's mom officially took away the ability for the gamer to charge their phone, cutting off access to mobile games as well. Harsh. Looks like someone's got some chores or homework to finish before access gets granted again. It must have taken some searching to get locks that fit these electronics perfectly, but it looks like it all paid off in the end. For the mom, at least.

Honestly, this method not really all that hard to get around, if you've got the extra money: the modern clever youngin' is very likely to just pick up a back-up charger from the store if they feel particularly rebellious. But even if that ends up being sasamipicata's alternative, it looks like they're not taking it too harshly, calling it a prank that they'll get over in an exchange with a different Twitter user who replied to their story.

Source: RocketNews