Pokemon Go's Next Community Day Pokemon Possibly Leaked

Pokemon Go players might have discovered which Pokemon will be featured at the next Community Day.

Community Day is a new monthly Pokemon Go event which gives players a chance to capture tons of a specific Pokemon that knows a special move. For three hours, this Pokemon spawns in mass quantities, giving players a chance to stock up on as many of the Pokemon as they can. Community Day also features a special bonus of some kind (like Double XP or Triple Stardust) and extended lures to encourage players to head out to their local parks and catch as many Pokemon as they can.

February's Community Day took place yesterday, but players are already looking forward to March's mini-event. And now players believe they know which Pokemon will be the subject of next month's event.

Last night, a Pokemon Go player found an unused Community Day image on Niantic's website. The image featured Bulbasaur, the plucky and beloved Kanto Starter Pokemon. While Niantic eventually pulled the image down this morning, players are already speculating whether the image is for March's Community Day event....or if it's just a placeholder of some kind.

You can check out the image below:


The image is definitely legitimate and Bulbasaur is a popular enough Pokemon to be featured in a Community Day event. A Venusaur with a special attack of some kind might even be enough to push Venusaur into regular competitive use. Venusaur is already one of the strongest Grass-Type Pokemon in the game, so it wouldn't take much to push it ahead of Exeggutor or Sceptile.

On the other hand, the Bulbasaur Community Day image uses the same background and layout as January's Community Day event. It's possible that this was just some sort of test image of some kind...although that wouldn't explain why it was stored on Pokemon Go's website.


If Bulbasaur is the focus of March's Community Day, it'll be a lot tougher to catch than Dratini. Bulbasaur has a catch rate of just 20%, just like Pikachu. That means that players should stock up on their Razz Berries and higher level PokeBalls now.

Pokemon Go should announce the next Community Day sometime this week, so we'll find out if players will be catching Bulbasaur en masse soon enough.