Chrono Trigger’s First Reviews On Steam Aren’t That Good

Chrono Trigger

Square Enix threw everyone for a loop earlier today when it announced that Chrono Trigger was available on Steam. The SNES classic role-playing adventure has been beloved by many generations since its release, and its arrival on Steam signifies yet another must-add game to everyone’s library…or does it?

While the game has a number of extra features, including wallpapers, digital liner notes and a special remix of Chrono Trigger songs, some fans have felt like they’ve been swindled by the purchase, noting that this game is based on the mobile version, though it can be played with a controller.

A good portion of reviews have already gone up on the Steam page, and most of them are highly negative. There are a few that are positive, but still rank the game somewhere in the 7/10 category.

For example, a user named Chrono Trigger F has noted that the game is a port of the mobile version, but has Achievements and “some smartphone typical control interface.” They noted that it’s not recommended for users looking for a remake, but instead for those that just want the “base game.” They did state, however, that the score was mainly based on “false advertising.”

Another reviewer, Conkerkid11, wasn’t as kind. “This is a bad port of a bad port of a great game,” he noted. “Terrible filter on everything. Tiling issues evident even in the Store’s page pictures, made more obvious by the aforementioned filter. Awful UI that Square Enix apparently thinks is bad too, because none of the pictures show it. Backwards controls that can’t seem to be changed. Back is select, and select is back. Awful font. The only option in terms of standard PC settings is the game’s resolution.”

And Chickenfoot wrapped everything up, saying, “All you need to know is that this is a straight port of the mobile version, and includes a horrible font and disgusting sprite filtering.”


So when it comes to picking up Chrono Trigger on the PC front, let the buyer beware. Maybe track down some footage from the game on YouTube before going through with a purchase.

Chrono Trigger is available now on PC/Steam, as well as mobile devices, PlayStation 3 and PS Vita.