Pikachu Looks Absolutely Terrifying With Teeth

A new meme has revealed a terrible truth about a beloved Pokemon.

An artist who goes by "Deetz" recently made a hilarious Tumblr post about Pikachu that has gone viral. Deetz posted a montage of images from the game Detective Pikachu and noted that there was something wrong with Pikachu's mouth. The artist claimed that Pikachu's overly large mouth looked "morally wrong" and was a sign of demonic possession. In order to fix Pikachu's perceived flaws, Deetz decided to add human looking teeth to Pikachu's mouth....which only made the Pokemon look even more terrifying.

The post already has over 55,500 likes, notes, and reblogs on Tumblr, and a screencap of the post has received over 5,000 votes on the Pokemon subreddit. You can check out the hilariously disturbing post below:

Pikachu? from r/pokemon

Of course, some commenters were quick to point out that Pikachu actually does have teeth...they're just a lot smaller than the ones seen in the post below. One Redditor pulled this screenshot of Detective Pikachu actually baring its teeth in the trailer. Others were quick to point out that Ash's Pikachu actually shows off his teeth in the very first episode of the Pokemon anime. Pikachu's real teeth are actually quite small, although they were large enough to cause Ash to recoil in pain when Pikachu bites him.

Of course, the issue may be that Detective Pikachu is a talking Pikachu that actually speaks English in the Detective Pikachu game. Watching Pikachu say something other than "Pika, Pika, Pika" emphasizes Pikachu's gaping maw, which includes a tongue that doesn't move very much. Let's just hope that the Detective Pikachu game explains how Pikachu can speak English....and how he does it without moving his tongue very much.


Since Detective Pikachu is going to be the focus of the very first live action Pokemon movie, we can expect to see a lot more of the coffee-swilling Pikachu and his humongous mouth in the near future. Let's just hope that the CGI animators working on Detective Pikachu keep the character's teeth tiny instead of human-sized.

What do you think of Pikachu's human teeth? Are they an improvement, or utterly terrifying? Let us know in the comment section!