The Oregon Trail Now Has its Own Handheld Game


If you're like us, your school days consisted of The Oregon Trail. Now forever encapsulated as a cherished gaming memory, you can now take it with you on the go because it's getting its own handheld version! UPDATE: The game is available to order here while supplies last.

For those that didn't have that classic Oregon Trail experience and haven't heard the term "you died of dysentery" at least once, here's the scoop. The Oregon Trail was an educational game that was pretty much a staple in classroom learning. First developed back in the 197os, players were tasked with becoming the wagon leader to guide their party of settlers from Independence, Missouri all the way to Oregon's Willamette Valley circa 1848.

It was a dangerous road to travel and the game's progression was an addictive way to pass those hours in school. If you're itching to re-live those solid times, you now can! The latest recreation comes in handheld form in full color and all of the original game's sound effects.

So where can you get one, courtesy of Basic Fun? They will soon be coming to a Target retail store near you and will retail at $24.99! We don't know if they will be available in-store only or online, but we're still hung up on the fact that it's coming at all and we're a little more excited than we should be. Bring on the dysentery!

Handhelds not your style? A card game adaptation is also available for $14.99:


"Relive all the excitement of trying to survive one of the most unforgiving trails in American history with The Oregon Trail Card Game. This game channels all the mechanics of the original computer game in a fun and easy-to-play card game format - supply cards give you the bullets, food, water and clothing you need to survive, trail cards help you make your way across the rugged terrain, and calamity cards force you to deal with things like broken arms and dying of dysentery. With a dice to help determine outcomes and a dry erase board to write down player's names, you can work together with a team of two to six players to try and survive the brutality of the Oregon trail."

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