Pokemon Go Update Makes Improvements to Pokemon Go +, Adds No New Features

A new Pokemon Go update is coming, but players should expect to see only minor improvements in play.

Yesterday, Pokemon Go started its rollout of its 0.93.3 update. The update notes stated that the new version would have "bug fixes," but no actual additions or improvements to gameplay. While dataminers noted tons of changes to Pokemon Go's code, no one could find evidence of any new features or other surprises that would appear in the update.

The biggest change, according to players who downloaded the new version early, is improvements to the game's ability to connect with the Pokemon Go+ peripheral device. Nintendo released the Pokemon Go+ back in 2016, but the game has often had issues connecting to the wristwatch-like Bluetooth device, particularly on Android devices. Players are reporting that many of the crash issues that have plagued Pokemon Go+ users have been resolved, leading to more stable gameplay.

However, not every player is having a smooth experience with the new update. Some users have reported that the app is constantly crashing and is often displaying an error message that reads "This device, OS, or software is not compatible with Pokemon Go." The error message doesn't appear every time that a player opens the game, which leads some to suspect that the issue is with Pokemon Go and not the hardware. While Pokemon Go recently noted that the game would no longer work on older iPhone devices, they didn't indicate that Android devices would also have issues.


Players might also notice a bug related to how Pokemon Go displays time in the new update. Players with the new update note that all Raid Timers and EX Raids now use UTC time instead of the time based on their local time zone. This could be a way to shut down a recently discovered loophole that allows players to collect their daily free raid pass early by switching Pokemon Go to a standard time. That could bring a ton of confusion to the fanbase, so expect Pokemon Go to make a clarification soon.

The new update should hit the Apple and Google Play app stores in the next couple of days.