Okami HD Confirmed For Nintendo Switch, Coming This Summer


When Okami HD came out for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One last year, a lot of players were thrilled to get back into the artistic action of the Clover Studio. But some fans were wondering, why no Nintendo Switch version? After all, wouldn’t the touch-screen be perfect for the touch-screen?

Apparently, Capcom agrees. During today’s Nintendo Direct special, Nintendo confirmed that Okami HD is indeed coming to the Nintendo Switch. And what’s more, it’ll use its touch-screen exactly as you were hoping it would. To quote our staff writer Liana Ruppert, “AHHHHHHHH!”

The game looks to be similar to the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 versions, with beautiful visuals that bring Ameratsu’s world to life, which are sure to shine on either your television or on the go. The early footage shows that Capcom isn’t skimping on the quality in the least – which means another great third-party hit to add to your collection.

But, of course, the big draw is about the gameplay. It looks like Okami HD will utilize a strong control system, similar to the previous releases. However, it will also use the touch screen for painting, so you can have better accuracy when it comes to drawing things out, or connecting lines to form constellations and other objects within the world.


There’s some genuine excitement about this game on the Switch, especially when it comes to our review of the previous versions. Our reviewer, Liana Ruppert, noted, “The world of Okami HD is one that never gets boring. From the artistic adventures, the compelling story, and the littered twists and turns throughout the narrative - the world that Capcom has offered is one that has a lot more than meets the eye. From majestic underwater kingdoms, to rolling landscapes and quelling ponds - everything about Okami HD is satisfying, fulfilling, and will leave you thinking ‘What's next?’ This pure-form nod to traditional Japanese culture is one that every gamer needs to experience at least once - and going back to it each time through the years has a distinct feeling of 'coming home'."

There’s no release date for Okami HD, but Nintendo noted it’s coming this summer. We can’t wait.


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