GameStop Offering Huge Nintendo Switch Trade Promotions Following Super Smash Bros. Announcement

Nintendo Switch

Most everyone we know is loving today’s announcement of Super Smash Bros. coming to Nintendo Switch – us included. And now it sounds like a retail partner is taking advantage of the hype the best way it knows how.

GameStop has announced a pair of trade-in promotions revolving around the Nintendo Switch, including a huge percentage boost towards game trade ins, as well as a good offer for those of you looking to get rid of your Xbox One or PlayStation 4.

First up, you can earn up to 70 percent bonus credit on any games that you trade in towards Nintendo Switch games, including Super Smash Bros. That’s if you’re an Elite Pro Member, mind you. Regular Pro members will earn 60 percent credit, and all other consumers earn 50 percent more credit. Still, that’s a pretty great boost, especially if you’re trying to stock up for next week’s release of Kirby Star Allies, or, of course, Smash.

Now, if you don’t have a Nintendo Switch yet, GameStop is also offering up another promotion, this time hardware wise. If you’re looking to get rid of a PlayStation 4 or Xbox One, you can actually earn an additional $50 in trade in value, which will pretty much give you around $200 or so, depending on the model. It also says you can use the trade-in on a Nintendo Switch towards a Nintendo Switch as well…but that doesn’t make sense. Why would you get rid of a Switch unless you don’t like the JoyCon colors or something?

Both of the promotions are taking place right now, and are running through March 14, so you’ve got a little time to jump on these deals and score some extra credit towards your system and/or games. Remember, you can get the trade boost towards any Nintendo Switch game, provided that they’re new. (The deal doesn’t count towards used.)


You can see the fine print for these deals over at the GameStop page, and even calculate a few trades to see just how much you’ll be getting. Time to cash in on those old game collections!

The Nintendo Switch is available now.