Kingdom Hearts 3 Proposal for New Worlds By One Disney Artist ... as Cereal?


With Kingdom Hearts 3 making huge headway and Square Enix finally (finally) opening up about more about the title's progression, the internet continues to go nuts for what they'd like to see in the game. With Monsters Inc and Tangled as the latest revelations and Disney's acquisition of Marvel now official, fan desires are at an all time high. One Disney artist decided to do his own hilarious spin on it with his hilariously quirky take on the fan-picks.

Artist Caldwell Tanner took to twitter to proclaim that in the face of many asking for The Avengers to make their way into the game following Disney's aquisition, he'd like to see a slightly more wholesome crossover. We've got to admit, his idea is greeeaAAAaaat! (You'll get why we said that in a second)

It didn't take long for the Kingdom Hearts crew to make their way over onto the post, and some of the reactions were pretty funny:

Who knows, crazier things have happened ...

In other Kingdom Hearts III news, there is at least one more world yet to be revealed, but we did get to see a few more Keyblades in action, as well as more on the Gummi Ship and how players will be able to customize it to their liking in the video at the bottom of this article. You can't explore a vast, open world without a tricked out ship, after all.


According to Game Watch, here's the breakdown regarding where the game is at completion-wise:

  • Character production and animation - Complete
    • Additional snippets still being added.
  • Environmentals
    • First part of the game - 90% complete
    • Second part of the game - 60-70% complete

Kingdom Hearts III is currently slated for a release sometime later this year for Xbox One and PlayStation 4 players.