Descenders Will Take a While Before It Journeys To Nintendo Switch


Descenders, the extreme sports biking game from RageSquid and No More Robots, has been taking the world by storm since it hit Steam earlier this year, and the teams have also confirmed that it will be coming to consoles as well, starting with Xbox One’s Preview program sometime this spring.

But most people are interested in the Nintendo Switch version of the game, if only because they can take the challenging trick-and-ride biking game anywhere they see fit. Before you get too excited, though, the developer has made it clear that this version will take a little bit longer than the others.

While speaking with Red Bull, the game will still make Nintendo’s platform, but, according to RageSquid co-founder and lead coder Roel Ezendam, it’ll “require a lot of work” to get there, since “performance is a huge bottleneck when porting Descenders.” It seems that the PS4 and Xbox One versions will be a bit easier to port to.

Here’s exactly what Ezendam said when asked about the ports: “For now, we’ve only decided that we’re doing a Switch version, but we’ve not done much on the actual port yet. We ran early versions of the game on our dev kit but it was painfully obvious that a Switch port is going to require a lot of work; performance is a huge bottleneck when porting Descenders. We’ll also have to think about how we’re going to use the unique setup in any way but we would really like to do something fun with it. The way it’s built opens up a lot of unique opportunities that we can use to the game’s advantage, but it’s not something we’ve already planned out. For now we’re focusing heavily on the Xbox port and the PS4 port will be close after. Only then we’ll be able to get working on the Switch port.”

The team will be making the journey to both GDC and PAX East in the coming months, so it’ll continue pushing Descenders hard for Steam and Xbox One, and then eventually bring it to PS4 and Nintendo Switch. So don’t worry, you’ll be able to do your riding soon enough.

If you want to check out Descenders for the time being, it’s available on Steam Early Access – and well worth the ride.


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