Fortnite Mobile Invites Going Out Now, but Not From Epic Games: Read This Warning

Fortnite players are anxious to try the battle royale game on the mobile platform, so much so that some are getting led on by fake invitations.

Despite what some accounts on Twitter and elsewhere seem to be suggesting, Epic Games hasn’t sent out any invitations for the mobile version of Fortnite just yet. Through the official Fortnite Twitter account, Epic Games warned players against following any suspicious links that claim to have codes or other offers related to the mobile version of Fortnite, or any version for that matter.

The tweet included a previous message from Epic Games that came a couple of days ago with instructions and tips on protecting players’ accounts. Most of this should be pretty common knowledge for those who are savvy to all these online scams, but with how diverse and ravenous the Fortnite following has become, it’s not hard to imagine that players would jump at any chance they could to get a special invite or score some free V-Bucks.

Those who follow the official Fortnite Twitter account will know that shady accounts promising rewards and other offers aren’t hard to come across, and some do their best to blend in the best they can with the official statements from Epic Games. Accounts such as the one shown below (with a link that’s probably better left unclicked) model their account names after either the Epic Games or Fortnite name, usually with some extra numbers or characters thrown into the end of the Twitter handle. These accounts latch on to Epic Games’ tweets with offers of in-game items as well as the mobile invitations following Epic Games’ latest announcement.

Other accounts are a bit more up front with their lack of affiliation with Epic Games and Fortnite, though they still gate their giveaways with retweet or subscription requirements.

For the time being, Fortnite fans will just have to wait until the mobile invitations are officially sent out, though it’s not been announced when that’ll happen.


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