League of Legend Pro's Dark Elementalist Lux Cosplay Isn't Half Bad

League of Legends fans got to see a very different look from a pro’s normal Cloud9 attire when Zachary “Sneaky” Scuderi tweeted some images of himself cosplaying as Dark Elementalist Lux.

What’s more noteworthy than the fact that Sneaky chose Dark Elementalist Lux as his cosplay project in the first place is that he actually pulls it off pretty well. The ADC for Cloud9 was met with tons of responses when he tweeted his latest cosplay, but most of them shared the same message that Sneak doesn’t look half bad as Lux.

Sneaky’s decision to cosplay as Dark Elementalist Lux comes from a promise that he made to his fans recently that was tied to how many subscribers he had on Twitch. Sneaky said back in February that he’d be cosplaying as Dark Elementalist Lux soon after he reached a certain subscription count and promised to do his normal stream in full cosplay attire if he could hit an even higher number.

“My next cosplay is Dark Elementalist Lux,” Sneaky said in a tweet near the end of February. “Revealed it at 4400 twitch subs yesterday and will do the cosplay on stream at 5000.”

Sure enough, it looks liked Sneaky’s fans really wanted to see him stream in his new outfit because the pro player tweeted on Monday that he’d be streaming soon as Dark Elementalist Lux. He did so for over 6 hours on Twitch in a stream where he played as different marksmen including Tristana, Jhin, and even the newest champion Kai’Sa. That full video can be found here through Sneaky’s Twitch channel.

This isn’t the first time that Sneaky has cosplayed as a champion, and it hopefully won’t be the last. It’s hard to imagine what his next cosplay project will be, but after seeing what Sneaky looks like as Dark Elementalist Lux, it’ll be hard to top his latest success.



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