Pokemon Go Moves Rayquaza Closer in Catch Screen, Android Users Rejoice

Some Pokemon Go players using Android phones should notice that Rayquaza is now much easier to catch.

Earlier this morning, Pokemon Go developers changed the camera distance of several Pokemon on their server, which affects how far away from trainers Pokemon appear on screen. Five different Pokemon had their distances tweaked, including Rayquaza, the Legendary Pokemon currently appearing in gyms.

Rayquaza is due to leave in just three days, so the timing of the change is a little bit odd, but some Android players immediately noted an improvement in their ability to hit Rayquaza with PokeBalls. On certain Android phones, especially those with taller and narrower screens, some players have reported difficulty hitting Rayquaza with a PokeBall if it drifts upwards. Due to how Pokemon Go judges throw distance on those phones, it's all but impossible for trainers with certain phones to hit Rayquaza when it's not sitting in the middle of the screen.

Several other Pokemon also had their distances changed, including Groudon, Tropius, Wailmer, and Hariyama. In each case, Pokemon Go developers pushed the Pokemon in question a little bit closer to the screen. The change to Groudon was a bit interesting, as Groudon recently left Pokemon Go for a second time and isn't likely to return soon.


Several Pokemon also had their "dodge distances" changed, which affects how far Pokemon move around the screen. On certain phones, these Pokemon would actually move off screen when they moved around and dodged attacks, so the changes were made to give players a chance of catching them even when they moved. Interestingly, Pokemon like Zapdos (a Legendary Pokemon that hasn't appeared in months) and Ninjask (a Pokemon that currently is not available in Pokemon Go) were both among the Pokemon who had their dodge distances changed.

We'll likely get more Pokemon Go news later this week, as Rayquaza is set to leave the game on Friday. That probably means that more new Legendary Pokemon will get added to the game. Some players are also predicting that Pokemon Go will bring back its popular Water Festival event later this month, as World Water Day will take place on March 22nd.