Xbox Sets a New World Record Today to Promote Sea of Thieves

Sea of Thieves
(Photo: Windows Central)

With Rare’s Sea of Thieves setting sail next week on Xbox One and Windows 10, Microsoft is going all out to hype the forthcoming pirate adventure – including sending a daring young man flying through the air.

In case you can’t see the connection, Sea of Thieves has cannons that you can use to send enemy ships to the bottom of the sea (or Davy Jones’ locker, as it were), and today, Microsoft introduced a super-large cannon that sent a daring stuntman flying through the air – far enough to set a Guinness World Record.

Microsoft aired the promotional stunt on its Mixer channel earlier today, in which David “The Bullet” Smith, who dubs himself the Human Cannonball, sent himself flying through the air, setting a record for the Greatest Distance Travelled as a Human Cannonball.

It looks like the record was set at the home stadium for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers (fitting, no?), where Smith was fired from the cannon down the field, hundreds of feet into an awaiting pad. You can see the stunt in the video below, and it’s pretty neat – and kind of makes us want to try a Human Cannonball stunt as well. (As a paying job, of course.)

This is the latest promotion hosted by Microsoft for Sea of Thieves, alongside ones like a giveaway for golden bananas, as well as the debut of various Sea of Thieves peripherals, including a special controller. The company has also confirmed that it will be hosting a special Sea of Thieves lounge at PAX East next month – which sounds like the perfect place to get some grog with our colleagues. Who wants to sing a shanty?!

Sea of Thieves launches March 20 for Xbox One and Windows 10. If you can’t afford the full release at launch, keep in mind that you can play it on Xbox One Game Pass, too!


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