Sony Hypes Up its PS4 Exclusive Line-up in New Video

There's no denying Sony Interactive Entertainment knows how to make a good hype video. They've been doing it for years, and are good for one every few months. That said, this week it released a new one, this time using the hype to highlight its PlayStation 4 exclusive line-up.

Like past videos, the new one clips together footage of multiple games -- complimented by hype-inducing music and big text -- all showing off a range of games Sony is “proud to say are only on PlayStation.”

If you seen one of these trailers, you've seen them all. This specific one includes both games already available exclusively on the platform, as well as ones slated to hit it soon. The following games are spotlighted: Spider-Man, Horizon: Zero Dawn, Uncharted: The Lost Legacy, Detroit: Become Human, The Last of Us Part II, God of War, Days Gone, Shadow of the Colossus, Gran Turismo Sport, The Inpatient, Concrete Genie, Dreams, Blood and Truth, Hidden Agenda, and Bravo Team.

As you would expect, there was no love for the PlayStation Vita, and only a little bit of love for PlayStation VR, with much of the hype-train powered by PS4 games.

Whether there is meaning behind the absence of games like Death Stranding, Wild, or Ghost of Tushima, is hard to say. There could be a calculated reason for their absence, or none at all. After all, other games such as Moss and Persona 5 are also missing, as well as many other titles.

Nonetheless, the purpose of the video is to simply build some marketing hype, which it successfully does. And given that Sony has Detroit: Become Human, God of War, Spider-man, and more coming this year, it has a reason to be excited.


Personally, of Sony's line-up I'm looking forward to God of War the most. The combination of everything I've seen looking impressive and the huge marketing push from Sony has me excited and anticipating a game of game of the year material.

Given that's already almost April, this very well might be the last hype video we see before E3 in June, which is fine, the more hype saved for E3 the better.