Retail Copies of God of War for PlayStation 4 Already Making the Rounds

God of War 3

We’ve still got about a ten day wait until God of War’s return to PlayStation 4, but that isn’t stopping a few gamers from getting crafty and finding some early retail copies in the wild.

According to this report from TheNerdMag, some gamers have been reporting that they’ve managed to find retail copies of the game already – two weeks ahead of its official release.

A Reddit user by the name of kemar7856 is one of those people, posting a pair of images of a retail copy of the game, which you can see below. Even though it’s in a different language (it appears to be French), this looks as official as you can get.

God of War

(Source: Reddit)

God of War 2

(Source: Reddit)

Also, you can see that the game does use about a 50GB file size minimum, something we pointed out in a previous story for the game. This indicates that it’s quite massive, but that it should easily be one of the best looking games for the PS4 – especiallywith that PlayStation 4 Pro enhancement.

Before you go running to your local Target like John Cena at Wrestlemania, though, keep a couple of things in mind. Number one, there aren’t too many of these circulating, and they’re probably through smaller game stores or through online auction sites. So, no, Wal-Mart won’t give you your copy early unless the cashier accidentally lets it slip.

And secondly, even if you did secure a copy, there’s a chance that Sony might go after your Twitch account or whatever streaming account you use if you try to post a playthrough and spoil the game for everyone else. So, if you do manage to find a copy, maybe don’t let the world know, lest you face the reckoning of a temporary online banning.


Hey, we want to play the game too – and some of us actually are for review, dang it – but waiting for the official release may just be the best way to go. This is particularly true if you’re trying to avoid spoilers. You don’t want the game ruined, right?

Anyway, you can experience the glory of God of War (and we mean officially) when it drops on April 20 for PlayStation 4.