The Walking Dead Teams Up With Twitch for Upcoming PUBG Tournament


AMC has announced that they have partnered up with Twitch for this weekend's PUBG Tournament in an effort to promote The Walking Dead's season 8 finale! The tournament itself will feature eight streamers in total, breaking them up into two teams of four. They'll go head to head in the appropriate Zombie Mode within the popular battle royale title.

How it breaks down is one team of four will be repping Fear of the Walking Dead while the other team will be for the original show. Below are the eight streamers that will be featured:

  • Sacriel
  • ChocoTaco
  • Anthony_Kongphan
  • iiJERiiCHOii
  • VernNotice
  • GoldGlove
  • JoshOG
  • Fairlight_Excalibur

According to Polygon, the Survival Sunday's Battlegrounds tournament will last up to four hours which will lead right into Fear the Walking Dead's season four premiere and the original show's epic finale. Viewers will also be invited to participate by playing in the zombie horde while also using emotes in-game specifically designed with The Walking Dead universe in mind. New trailers will also be dropping during the event for both shows, so if you're a fan of the zombie invested franchise - this will be a good event for you to check out.

“The overlap between the Twitch/PUBG gaming audience and The Walking Dead Universe is incredible,” Justin Manfredi, the senior vice president of marketing at AMC Networks, mentioned. “The detailed and authentic integration of show elements into the gameplay and emotes make for both fun and engaging moments for fans of both properties. It’s a win-win.”

The event itself will begin on Sunday, April 15th at 4 PM ET until about 8 PM ET. AMC did mention that it was possible that the event might run a little short, so it's possible it might wrap before that projected end time. As for the finale itself, The Walking Dead season 8 final episode will be airing at 9PM ET on the same day, with its spin-off premiering season 4 at 10 PM ET.