BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle Trailer Shows Off English Dub

A new trailer for BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle has been released to show off the game's English dub.

The fighting game is being developed by Arc System Works, the same minds behind Dragon Ball FighterZ. BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle hosts a variety of recognizable characters from different gaming worlds that includes those from the BlazBlue series as well as fighters from Persona 4 Arena, Under Night In-Birth, and RWBY.

Arc System Works uploaded the video to the devs’ American YouTube channel alongside the announcement that the game would offer dual audio options.

“Arc System Works USA is proud to announce that BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle will offer gamers dual audio options!” the description accompanying the trailer read. “The English dub finally unveils itself to the world, including the first ever English voice actors for characters from French Bread's Under Night In-Birth series.”


As the description suggested, this is the first time that those interested in the game have been able to hear what the English dub sounds like. Other gameplay streams and videos have been continually released by Arc System Works in the past, but all of them have been in Japanese. Some players will undoubtedly prefer to hear the Japanese voices instead, but at least the option is there to allow players to set their preference.

The game isn’t due out for another few months, so those interested in the fighting game can expect to hear more about it before it launches on June 5. It’ll be available for the PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch for $49.99 and is already available for pre-order. To learn more about the combat and how the game works, check out the details below provided by Arc System Works.

  • CROSS: Cross over between 4 different universes! Play as characters from the BlazBlue, Persona, Under Night In-Birth, and (for the first time ever in a fighting game), RWBY series.
  • TAG: Dive deep into the accessible 2 vs 2 gameplay system in a gorgeous 2D tag team based fighting game. Overwhelm your opponents with the tag-team "Crush Assault"!
  • BATTLE: Take the fight to your friends, online, or against CPU opponents in robust single and multiplayer modes.
  • LOOK GOOD DOING IT: High definition anime styled 2D characters alongside beautiful 3D backgrounds and smooth animation brings the game to life.
  • ARC ASSEMBLED: Developed by Arc System Works, creators and developers of critically acclaimed and fan favorite fighting series BlazBlue, Guilty Gear, and Dragon Ball Fighter Z.
  • Enjoy English and Japanese in-game voices and English, Japanese, Korean and Chinese text.