Death Stranding Cutscenes Are Going to "Melt Your Eyeballs"

If you've seen the trailers for Death Stranding, you will know the game, graphically, is a looker. And that should be no surprise, after all, it is running on the same engine as Horizon: Zero Dawn, which is one of the most gorgeous games to date.

But how good will it look? Well, apparently its cutscenes will “melt your eyeballs.”

According to a pair of new tweets, Hideo Kojima and his team Kojima Productions were working on motion capture work this week for the game. And if you know Kojima and his work, you will know cutscenes are not only Kojima's forte, but a particular passion for the Japanese developer. You don't need to look beyond Kojima's previous work – the Metal Gear Solid franchise – for proof that when it comes to cutscenes, he is one of the best in the business, if not top dog.

The two tweets in questions come from Kojima's personal assistant, who tweeted an image of Mads Mikkelsen working on motion capture work with Kojima, as well as another featuring both Mikkelsen and fellow performer Norman Reedus.

Meanwhile, the other tweet comes from none other than Jordan Vogt-Roberts, director of the recent blockbuster Kong: Skull Island and the critically acclaimed The Kings of Summer. The filmmaker is also notably tipped to be the director of Metal Gear Solid feature film. Additionally, he is a close friend of Kojima, so it's not very surprising he would visit set.


While visiting, Vogt-Roberts clearly liked what he saw. According to the filmmaker the production of cutscenes will “melt your eyeballs.”

Death Stranding is in development exclusively for the PlayStation 4. It is currently without a release date or release window. Perhaps we see more of it in June, during Sony's E3 2018 press conference, and if we're lucky, maybe even get a release window.