Polybius Hasn't Made a 'Penny' on PS4/PSVR, Which is a Tragedy

PlayStation VR isn't exactly overflowing with great games, which makes gems like Statik, Rez Infinite, Moss, and more that much more valuable. Polybius is one of these gems.

To date, the best experience I've had using a PlayStation VR was Statik. The second best: Polybius. But while my personal enjoyment of the transfixing arcade game has been invaluable, it apparently hasn't been enjoyed by many others.

I should clarify, everyone I've spoke to who has played Polybius has raved about it. Without fail. But the cult of Polybius is quite small. Small enough that the game hasn't made a single 'penny' for its developer, Llamasoft, despite being on the market for roughly a year. That's not just heartbreaking news, but borderline a national tragedy.

News of Polybius' drastic commercial shortcoming comes via the following tweet from the game's creator, Jeff Minter:

In other words, Polybius has yet to break even, which isn't as uncommon in the game development world as you would think, but with a game of Polybius' quality, it's perhaps a bit more rare.

How much Polybius cost to make hasn't been divulged, however, it certainly wasn't made on an Assassin's Creed budget. So, presumably, this also means the title hasn't sold a great deal of copies. Again, sad.

Polybius is available for PlayStation VR and for PS4 in a non-VR form. Llamasoft has also said in the past the game is coming to PC sometime in the future.

Below, you can read more on the game, courtesy of an official overview via Llamasoft itself:

Immerse yourself fully in this hypervelocity neon trancespace with PSVR at a staggering 120 FPS, or play on your telly at up to 4K rez. Strive for hyperspeed as you bask in the aural glory of the game's outstanding soundtrack featuring 25 original tracks. Enjoy every second of the ride through 50 trancetastic levels.


Dip in to improve your Normal Mode score using Llamasoft's signature Restart Best feature, or challenge yourself to take the top score in Pure and YOLO modes.


  • Smooth, trancetastic, flowing bossless gameplay won't leave you frustrated.

  • Outstanding techno-trance soundtracks from our peerless artists.

  • PSVR: 120FPS, 2x supersampling for ultra-smooth, sharp visuals on every PS4.

  • Or play without VR on any PS4.

  • Play in true 4K resolution on the PS4 Pro.