Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze Gets Special Edition In Italy

Donkey Kong Country 4

We’re just a few weeks away from re-discovering the platforming gem that is Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze. Nearly four years after it made its initial debut on Nintendo’s Wii U console, it’s making a return to the Nintendo Switch, complete with all of its original levels -- as well as the debut of a very playable Funky Kong.

But lucky Nintendo fans overseas will be getting a little bonus package for their trouble, as a listing over on Amazon Italy has pointed out that a Special Edition of Tropical Freeze is being made available over there. While it may not be an “ultimate” collector’s edition like Nintendo has released in the past (with, for instance, the Bayonetta twin-pack earlier this year), it does look to be a delectable treat for fans of the game.

Donkey Kong COuntry 2

The special edition includes a physical copy of the game, along with a bonus Funky Kong keychain, as well as a set of stickers that feature Donkey Kong and a number of his friends, so you can stick them wherever you please -- even on the back of your Nintendo Switch system, if you prefer.

Donkey Kong Country 3

Pricing on the special edition looks to be around $65, so just $5 more than the standard edition that’ll be available. There’s no word yet if we’ll be getting it here, but considering that Nintendo is prone to making Special Editions like these available through their store in New York, don’t be surprised if a lucky few get to pick it up upon its release. We’ll let you know if the company confirms anything, but don’t be surprised if it’s announced in very limited numbers -- as Nintendo has done in the past with previous packages of this type.


But even if you don’t get the special edition, you’re in for plenty of platforming thrills wherever you go, based upon our hands-on impressions of the game. Read up and get prepared to go bananas! And don’t worry if things get too hard -- Funky’s there to lend a hand with a number of new abilities, including hovering and being able to surf over heavy spikes!

Donkey Kong Country

Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze releases on May 2 for Nintendo Switch. You can also check it out now on the Wii U.