Far Cry 5 Has Already Been Cracked

The PC version of Far Cry 5 has already been cracked, and it didn’t even take three weeks for it to happen.

For those who are unfamiliar with the term, this means that the anti-piracy software that protects games like Far Cry 5 has now been bypassed by hackers. There are entire groups devoted to the sole purpose of cracking games’ defenses, so while it’s not surprising that Far Cry 5 has been cracked, it impressive that the piracy software has been circumnavigated so quickly.

The group known as CPY announced that they’d cracked the game by providing proof of the successful hack. A post was submitted to the CrackWatch subreddit that keeps track of cracked games and work-in-progress projects that included links to the cracked game along with their proof.

Far Cry 5 used Denuvo to protect the game, one of the most common anti-pirating options that developers use. It also made use of VMProtect as well as another form of defense which means that the CPY group was able to get past all three of the levels of software to successfully crack the game. Those within the Reddit post from CPY praised the group’s speedy work and even taunted Ubisoft a bit after hearing how quickly the measures had been bypassed.

Ubisoft vs Pirates

Looking at past Ubisoft games as an example, it took much longer for other games to be cracked. Assassin’s Creed Origins existed on the market for more than three months before hackers could successfully penetrate the defenses. This version of Denuvo that was cracked is also the latest version of the software that’s been released which means that groups should be able to crack other games that use the same version at quicker speeds as well.


As most who are familiar with the world of cracked games will know, this doesn’t mean that player who are using the cracked games will be able to play the most up-to-date versions at all times. It’s not uncommon for developers to patch games in post-launch updates that prevent those with cracked versions from receiving the updates, so those with cracked versions of Far Cry 5 shouldn’t be surprised if something like that happens in the future.

With how well Far Cry 5 has done though by selling millions of copies in the first few weeks, Ubisoft has already scored big with the game. Now that it’s been cracked, different versions of the game will soon be available, though Ubisoft won’t be benefitting from those.