League of Legends Unveils New Yasuo Figure

League of Legends Yasuo Figure
(Photo: Riot Games Merch)

The last figure in the Series 2 line of League of Legends merch has been revealed, a figure for The Unforgiven himself, Yasuo.

Riot Games advertised the newest figure to join the line of Series 2 figures through the Riot Games Merch Facebook page with a preview of the figure and a link to where you can find it.

“One blade, one purpose,” the post on the Riot Games Facebook page reads. Cutting through like a Steel Tempest - Yasuo the long awaited #13 completes the Series 2 figure collection.”

The figure that’s found on the Riot Games Merch site comes in at just around the same height that other figures in the Series 2 line have been with the figure standing just under 5 inches tall. It also comes with a custom base that fits the champion’s background, an improvement from the first line of figures that only featured black bases. Yasuo’s figure costs $25 like the rest of the figures.

In a response to Facebook users who wanted to make sure that they understood the Series 2 figures were officially completed with Yasuo’s merch item, Riot Games confirmed that this is indeed the end of Series 2. However, it won’t be too much longer until Series 3 is unveiled. Riot Games also confirmed that Series 3 would be launching sometime this summer, but League merch collectors may get to see more of the line of figures before then.

“We will be talking more about what is new for Series 3 in the coming weeks leading up to the launch this summer so stay tuned,” Riot Games said on the Facebook page in response to another question.

Along with the new Yasuo figure, the Riot Games Merch page is also advertising the return of the Championship Riven figure that’ll be available for a limited time. This figure is modeled after Riven’s skin of the same name and is also available for $25, though this one won’t be in the shop for as long since it’s a Special Edition figure.


For those looking to expand their Yasuo collection beyond the figure and aren’t afraid to drop a bit more money, the Figma Yasuo is also being advertised at the moment. This figure is $65, but it’s much taller and more lifelike than the new Yasuo figure. At 6.7 inches tall, it has posable joints and a stand that allows for various poses.

All of these items are currently available in the Riot Games Merch store, so give them a look while they’re all still there.