Marvel Won't Let Spider-Man Say This One Word in New PS4 Game


Spider-Man PS4 is going to tell a human story as well as a superhero story. The team at Insomniac Games has made it very clear that the game will focus just as much on Peter Parker as it does on Spider-Man, and that they believe the best story moments happen when those two worlds collide. Leaving behind the origin story we've all seen a hundred times, Insomniac was left totally free to write the story they wanted to write. Well, they were almost totally free. Marvel still had a say in the kinds of things Spider-Man is able to do -- and say.

Speaking to Game Informer, Insomniac writer Jon Paquette opened up a bit about all of the quips and one-liners we can expect out of the web-slinger, but he also opened up about the things that Spider-Man won't say. He won't be saying the f-word, obviously, but that wasn't even Paquette's goal as a writer. He wanted to sneak in another naughty word, and Marvel wasn't having it.

“There is one word Bill Rosemann at Marvel always gets on us about," Paquette said in the interview. "I always try to get Spider-Man or MJ to say ‘balls.’ For some reason Bill always says, ‘No. No, take that out.’” What the heck, Bill? Balls is such a funny expletive. We have faith that the writers at Insomniac will find a way to sneak it in there, though. The Spider-Man script is massive; absolutely massive.


Game Informer is reporting that the Spider-Man script is roughly the size of a 3,333 page novel. The game's word count is nearing almost 400,000 words, and between all of the writers, they've written about double that over the course of the game's development. Obviously a lot of things have been thrown out, like the word "balls."

Game Informer's Spider-Man coverage is still ongoing, and we still have so many reveals to look forward to in the months leading up to the game. New trailers, new costume reveals, new villains, and DLC details are still forthcoming, and you guys won't want to miss any of it. Stay tuned for all of the latest!