Fortnite Mobile Surpasses 25 Million in Revenue, Race Against PUBG Continues


Though we are still waiting for the release date concerning Fortnite Mobile's Android launch, the iOS camp continues to perform exceedingly well. According to a recent report from Sensor Tower, the Battle Royale experience on the go has surpassed over 25 milling in earnings, which breaks through the previously reported numbers set at 15 million - which is also where PUBG mobile lies currently.

These numbers are already impressive but even moreso when you look at the frame of release. When Fortnite Mobile was first playable, it was only open to a select few in closed beta. It eventually opened up, but is still only accessible to those that favour the Apple brand of mobile devices. It will be amazing to see those numbers climb at an even more impressive rate once the game goes live on both iOS and Android at the same time.

According to the same report, it was just behind Netflix, which raked in $12.M from April 1-15, with Fortnite coming in at $9.5 million, and Tinder following shortly after. One analyst stated that if the game continues on this trajectory, it could surpass 500 million this year - which would be nuts!

(Photo: Sensor Tower)

The record breaking online title continues to be a smashing success on its bigger platforms as well, even more so with the Replay feature added and cross-platform play enabled. The Fortnite mobile success is also a part of a much bigger boom in the current mobile market. A new Castlevania mobile game has been announced, even a new God of War companion game. Don't even get us started on Pokemon GO, which continues to impress with its numbers despite the popular online joke being "people still play this?"

Epic Games is on the right path, that's for certain, and their commitment to their players and the player community themselves are such a testament to the potential longevity of this title. Now, we're just waiting to see what's next. From potential new map teasers, to that damn meteor, there is definitely a lot still yet hidden within Epic Games' sleeve.