League of Legends Is Changing Gemstone Chest Crafting

League Of Legends Loot
(Photo: Riot Games)

Gemstones in League of Legends will soon be upgradeable into a Masterwork Chest as opposed to a normal Hextech Chest following a request from players.

If you’re lucky enough to find a Gemstone, you’ve got a couple of different options in League of Legends’ crafting system. While you can save up for a skin that’s exclusive to crafting or a similar high-value prize, you can also redeem them right away for a Hextech Chest and Key to see what’s inside right away. However, this system shared the same issue with Hextech Chests that prompted the creation of Masterwork Chests, namely that you can potentially get a champion shard for someone you already own.

To fix that Gemstone issue just as it did with Hextech Chests, Riot Games says that it’s making the Gemstones upgradable to Masterwork Chests instead of the normal Hextech counterparts in a future patch.

“We recently introduced the cosmetic only Masterwork chests, but you could still upgrade a gemstone into a Hextech Chest and key,” Riot Games said on the League of Legends boards. “Some players over on Reddit made the suggestion that we replace the Hextech chest you can purchase with a gemstone with a Masterwork chest. We agree, so starting in patch 8.10, if you use a gemstone to unlock a chest, it’ll be a Masterwork chest instead of a Hextech chest.”

If this post on the boards sounds familiar to you from somewhere, you may have been a part of the Reddit conversation that was referenced in the post. Just a few days ago, a League player took to the game’s subreddit to propose an idea that would replace the Hextech Chest craftable with Gemstones to a Masterwork Chest instead. Reddit user Kruhko gave an explanation for why they thought the change should happen while citing their approximate RP value of a Gemstone with a summary that said “Replacing Hextech chest for a Masterwork chest makes gemstone more resource efficent, depending on how one considers the idea.”

While other League players voiced their agreement with the idea, Riot Gamed chimed in to do so as well. Riot Mort weighed in on the post in a comment that quickly rose to the top of the comments section.


“Ok. We agree,” Riot Mort said. “Give us a patch or two and it will be done.”

The one-day turnaround yielded a quick decision from Riot Games, so look for the change to be implemented in a future patch. Until then, you can check out everything that’s inside of these Masterwork Chests through League’s support page.