Splatoon 2’s Vinyl Soundtrack Now Available For Pre-Order, Coming This Summer


The Nintendo Switch shoot-a-thon Splatoon 2 doesn’t just have great single player action and multiplayer match-ups; it also has some of the best music we’ve heard in the series to date. And soon you’ll be able to capture that in vinyl form, adding it to your growing video game record collection.

Play-Asia has confirmed that it has begun taking pre-orders for the forthcoming Splatoon 2: Octotune Original Soundtrack on vinyl, which is set to release on July 18. The standard soundtrack can be purchased here; or, if you prefer, you can go after the limited edition, which can be bought here.

Produced by Nintendo and Kadokawa, the soundtrack features “new music from the upcoming Splatoon 2 Octo Expansion releasing in July. The Octotune soundtrack will be two disc long. The first disc will include songs added to the game via updates and the upcoming Octo Expansion. The second disc will have the Game Party Japan 2018 performance tracks. Of course, no Splatoon music collection would be complete without our favorite idols. Off the Hook will definitely be on it, and for all you die hard fans the second Octotune disk will also contain recordings from one of their recent live performances,” according to the product description.

Splatoon 2

Now, what’s the difference between the standard and Limited Edition? Well, if you go after the three-disc set, you’ll also be treated to a Blu-Ray disc that features the full live Splatoon 2 Game Party Japan 2018 performance -- something that a lot of fans have been wanting to catch. The following hits are included:

  1. “Color Pulse” by Off the Hook
  2. “Acid Hues” by Off the Hook
  3. “Muck Warfare” by Off the Hook
  4. “Ebb & Flow” by Off the Hook
  5. “Fresh Start” by The Squid Sisters
  6. “Spicy Calamari Inkantation” by The Squid Sisters
  7. “Now or Never!” by Off the Hook and The Squid Sisters

The standard edition sells for $31.99; and the Limited Edition can be all yours for $46.99. Both feature some pretty spiffy artwork, and contain a lot of groovy Splatoon tunes (Splatunes?) to get down to. So get yours pre-ordered while you can!

Splatoon 2 is available now for Nintendo Switch.