Wild Things: Animal Adventure Debuts With Obscenely Adorable Trailer

Tiny, pocket-sized animals with humongous eyes, addictive and thoughtful match-three puzzles, and a progression hook that will have you coming back every day, multiple times a day: This is Wild Things: Animal Adventure, the latest original game from mobile powerhouse Jam City, developers of Panda Pop and Cookie Jam! Check out the mind-meltingly adorable reveal trailer above!

Jam City has worked with some of the biggest properties in the world. They've brought players around the world games based on Family Guy, Futurama, Harry Potter, and more. Wild Things represents Jam City's latest truly original IP developed in-house from the ground up. They're not pulling any punches. These guys know what they do well, they know what fans want to see, and they're aiming to deliver a market-leading, story-driven puzzle game with their own unique flair.

“Wild Things: Animal Adventure showcases Jam City’s strengths as both a hit-game developer and an innovative mobile entertainment company,” said Josh Yguado, President and COO of Jam City. “Our world-class art, storytelling and engineering teams collaborated with leading comedy writers and talent to shape this title, as well as our fans, who provided invaluable feedback and enthusiasm along the way."

Wild Things: Animal Adventure has positioned itself to offer players the same kind of engagement and storytelling they might expect from an animated TV series. Players will set out to rebuild the natural habitats of several unique animals, which they will "collect" as they play. Beating match-three puzzles will earn players leaves, which can be spent to bring their furry friends' habitats back to life.


"With engaging characters that connect with players,Wild Things: Animal Adventure enriches Jam City’s portfolio of hit titles with a deeper, story-driven style of gameplay," stated Chris DeWolfe, co-founder and CEO of Jam City. "Based on extremely positive feedback from consumer testing, we believe we have a one-of-a-kind entertainment franchise in the making, and we can’t wait to introduce Wild Things: Animal Adventure to the world later this year.”

Wild Things: Animal Adventure is going to be your new guilty pleasure, and it's coming soon. If you know that this is something you, your partner, or your kiddos will want to play, you can already pre-register for the game right here. We'll keep you guys updated as we learn more about the release timing, and obviously, whenever we get another heartwarming trailer, we'll share that with you guys right away.