Bethesda Fans Troll Todd Howard

pepe todd

Bethesda's Todd Howard has been the subject of many memes being a big suit for the company that just can't let a good thing go (looking at you, Skyrim) but fans of the company are taking it one step further in a brand new trolling campaign - but don't worry, it's not malicious.

A little backstory on the latest fan interaction is that Bethesda fans have taken a particular fascination with the company's Wikipedia page by tweaking small details here and there. Nothing huge, but definitely enough to get the page locked up from outside editing. That's OK, though - because the Wikipedia listing wasn't locked everywhere and Tumblr remembers.

The social media platform that is beloved by Bloggers kept a log of all of the anticipated changes they'd like to make once the lock runs out. Other countries, like Russia, never locked Howard's page so the efforts turned world-wide fairly quickly. "Hodd Toward" then went through several changes due to the Wikipedia alterations.

(Photo: Rockboci via Tumblr)

Nothing was with intent to harm, and some of the changes were pretty hilarious. Howard is by far not the only developer to have undergone similar trolling. Another fan favourite is Overwatch Daddy Jeff Kaplan from Blizzard and Gears' Cliffy B, though for different reasons.

We have a feeling with Bethesda's "surprising" showcase that is on the horizon at this year's E3, that these edits are going to get even more hilarious. Skyrim v.9.222233 Now on the Moon, anyone?

In other Bethesda news, their fourth time holding their own showcase at E3 with the show kicking off at 6:30 PM PT on June 10th. We're so ready!

We know many fans are anxiously awaiting news on The Elder Scrolls 6 but I've got to say, I'm calling it now: I definitely think we'll see an official Fallout for the Nintendo Switch announcement. There have been a lot of hints leading up to it and Bethesda has said in the past that they are thrilled with how the Skyrim, DOOM, and Wolfenstein ports have handled and are interested in more for the future. Especially so when looking at Skyrim. Many were skeptical that the hardware could do such an expansive title justice, but it did! It was pulled off stunningly and it has made us even more excited to see more of their titles make their way onto the hybrid console.

(Photo: veronicaroyce via Tumblr)

But we don't want to just see ports, we're definitely hoping for a few new reveals. It's too early for a new Fallout but a new Elder Scrolls is doable, though the developers have stated there are a few other AAA titles in the works before they get serious on the next step in that particular RPG franchise.

Whatever it is, we're excited to see what they have planned for us! Check out the reveal for yourself in the video above and we will see you guys in June!