Final Fantasy XII's Vayne Joins the DISSIDIA Final Fantasy NT Roster


It's official! Final Fantasy's XII's Vayne Carudas Solidor has joined the ever growing DISSIDIA Final Fantasy NT roster. The legendary antagonist is the title's first Season Pass character to be added, with more on the way.

According to a recent press release given to us by Square Enix:

"Vayne’s new abilities and playstyle add depth and new team possibilities to the fast-paced 3-on-3 team action of DISSIDIA Final Fantasy NT. He also comes with alternate costumes and cosmetic weapon skins, along with exciting, new story scenes that give players a glimpse at his role in the wider tale between legendary heroes and villains from the FINAL FANTASY series."

The latest character can be purchased as a standalone addition, though there is an enticing Season Pass that not only includes Vayne, but five other new characters as well as new skins and weapons. Each DLC character will come with two colour variations on top of the default costume. For fans of this long-standing franchise, the Season Pass does offer more for long-time players.

DISSIDIA Final Fantasy NT is a fighting game that also offers action role-playing aspects for both veterans and newcomers to Final Fantasy. The title is now available on PlayStation 4.

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DISSIDIA Final Fantasy NT allows you to choose from over 20 legendary Final Fantasy characters and battle in a 3-versus-3 arena. Call forth familiar summons like Ifrit, Shiva and Odin to dominate the opposing side. This is not your average fighter - this is your fantasy, your fight.

Enter the arena in early 2018. A PlayStation Plus membership is needed for online play.

  • FINAL FANTASY, everything you could ever want - Over twenty playable FINAL FANTASY legends to play. Over ten iconic battle arenas. And legendary summons.
  • Welcome warrior, there's a mode for all - A mode for every player, whether it's competitive online matches, custom lobbies for friends only, offline matches versus AI, or training to learn and refine combat techniques.
  • The more you fight, the more you gain - After each battle, the player will receive experience points and Gil. With that, players can gain new skills and freely customize their character.
  • Only the brave survive - The bravery combat system allows a much deeper and more methodical approach to the fighting game genre, separating luck from skill. The way to win is to garner bravery points before unleashing critical HP attacks against your opponent.