Someone Spent 9 Hours Recording Every League of Legends Champion's Face

One devoted League of Legends player has given everyone a chance to see the game’s champions from a different perspective by recording close-up shots of each champ's face.

Saying that the up-close recordings have been done for each champion isn’t an exaggeration either. Every single one of the game’s 140 champions has a video that has been uploaded to the Madghost – Random YouTube account. OG like Nunu and Dr. Mundo? They’re in there, and they sure look interesting compared to the more recent champions. Even the newest champ, Kai’Sa, is there as well, though the six-second video only shows her without her symbiotic mask on.

While you’re digging through the channel to find your favorite champion, you’ve probably got a couple of questions. The first is probably one asking why this was even done, but even the creator of the content doesn’t have an answer for that. When the labor of League was shared on Reddit, the content creator who posted under the fitting name of AlistarTheCow was met with those questions and even said in the main post “Idk why I keep doing this.”

Looking through the content creator’s channel, it was just a matter of time before the face-recording projects culminated in a video for each champ. With several videos made in a “Random Faces” series that show up-close looks at different champs making goofy faces. Those came a couple of months ago, and after returning from a face-recording hiatus to record the faces of the game’s shop attendants, the champion videos started pouring in this week.

What we do know though is that this project took quite a while to complete. AlistarTheCow estimated that the entire endeavor took nine hours and 20 minutes to complete. Each of the 140 champions were recorded in the practice tool for one minute, and the process of editing and uploading the videos alone took about three hours. The project doesn’t appear to be over either with the content creator confirming there are even more plans for the videos.


“I will update every champion lore on each description video and I will add every champion to their playlist region,” AlistarTheCow said.

Other users pitched ideas such as making a playlist in alphabetical order or making new videos for the champions’ feet and hands, none of these ideas being ones that the content creator seemed opposed to. Until those features are added to this project, we’ll just have to stick with looking at each champion’s face and various expressions for now.