Nintendo Announces New Mobile Game and Development Partner

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While Nintendo’s results in the mobile gaming market have been somewhat mixed (due to average performances by its Super Mario and Animal Crossing games, along with its success with Fire Emblem), the company is showing no signs of slowing down now.

In a news conference that happened today, the company revealed that it has teamed up with Cygames on a new mobile game called Dragalia Lost, which will be making its way to release this summer in various markets, with North America and Europe sometime after. Along with this announcement, Nintendo has also picked up five percent of Cygames’ overall stock. This will NOT affect the company's relationship with its previous mobile partner, DeNA.

Cygames, in case you missed it, is responsible for such games as Granblue Fantasy, Shadowverse and Princess Connect, so it certainly has a reputation behind it.

Here are the official details, straight from the publisher:

“In summer of 2018, Nintendo will release Dragalia Lost, an all-new original action RPG application designed by Cygames for smart devices. Nintendo has been co-developing and will jointly operate the game with Cygames, bringing to life the shared vision of a new gaming experience with worldwide appeal.

The gaming application will be released globally, starting with Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau. With the support of Nintendo’s group companies, it will launch in North America and Europe as well. For the purpose of facilitating the partnership, Nintendo will obtain approximately 5 percent of Cygames’s issued stocks mainly through a third party allocation of its treasury stock.”

Official details about the game haven’t been revealed yet, but we have gotten the first image from it, featuring a diverse cast of characters in what appears to be something of the action/adventure/role-playing variety. This could be a bold new direction for the company, offering up all types of battles in a free-to-play set-up, where players could either earn items or purchase them directly. Again, though, that isn’t confirmed just yet. You can see the image below.

Dragalia Lost

Nintendo is expected to have more details on Dragalia Lost in the weeks ahead, possibly as part of its Nintendo Direct presentation during the Electronic Entertainment Expo. We’ll see what it has in mind.

The publisher also has a new Mario Kart game in the works for mobile, but that hasn’t gotten any additional information as of yet. We’ll certainly let you know once it does.