Pokemon Go's Next Event Features Fighting-Type Pokemon

Get ready to load up on Fighting-Type Pokemon in Pokemon Go.

Pokemon Go has announced its next event: a Special Battle Showdown that starts today at 4 PM ET. The event will feature increased spawns of Fighting-Type Pokemon like Machop and Makuhita, along with a number of bonuses related to fighting in gyms.

To encourage players to actually battle in Pokemon gyms during the events, players will receive double the XP for Gym Battles and Raid Battles. Plus, Raid Battles will also get a guaranteed 3,000 Stardust just for participating in a battle and are guaranteed to get at lease one Rare Candy if they win a Raid.

Players will also get benefits for just visiting Pokemon gyms during the event. Players will get twice as much credit towards building up their Gym Badges during the event and will get extra items for spinning the Photo Disc.

We'll also likely see a new family of Pokemon get a Shiny variant, as has been the norm for events in Pokemon Go.

The Battle Showdown comes just as Pokemon Go is about to switch up the rewards for its Field Research. Beginning at 4 PM today, players get the chance to capture Zapdos whenever they collect seven research stamps. A new wave of Field Research will also be available for players that emphasize Electric and Flying-Type Pokemon.

The event will also coincide with a much awaited swap of Legendary Pokemon. On May 8th, Latios and Latias will switch regions - meaning that Latias will start appearing in North and South America, while Latios will appear in Europe and Asia. Players should take advantage of the Raid Bonuses and battle the new Legendary Pokemon when it first becomes available next week.


Machamp remains one of the top Pokemon in Pokemon Go due to its ability to thrash bulky gym defenders like Blissey or Slaking. The Pokemon also has key advantages against Pokemon like Aggron and Tyranitar, making it a fearsome addition to any Pokemon team.

The event will run from this afternoon through May 14th. We'll report on any surprises we see later today.