Fortnite Experience Has Been Bugged, Hotfix Released

(Photo: Epic Games)

Fortnite players haven’t been getting the full amount of experience earned from eliminations recently, but a hotfix from Epic Games has now resolved that issue.

Epic Games took to the game’s Battle Royale community on Reddit to announce that a fix has been deployed for the bug that affected XP gains. According to Epic Games, players should now be receiving the full amount of XP for their kills at the cost of no downtime at all for players.

“We’ve seen reports of players not receiving full XP for eliminations. We’ve identified the issue and have just released a fix. This won’t require any downtime or downloads for players.”

The news was also shared through the game’s official Twitter account to summarize the bugfix and direct players back to the Reddit post that provided more details and thanked everyone for submitting their bug reports.


While the replies on Twitter were full of the usual suggestions to re-add the refund system, create new customization options, and other pitches for features, the comments on Reddit raised a question that appeared more than once: What about the lost XP? If players have been losing out on XP by not getting the full amount from eliminations, some wanted to know whether they’d be getting compensated with that lost XP in some way. Players asked Epic Games whether there’d be any form of XP reimbursement, but Epic Games doesn’t appear to have responded so far. Others voiced the opinion that compensation isn’t necessary, but those comments haven’t fared too well so far.

The latest season of Fortnite has just begun with the start of Season 4, so it’s no wonder that many are worried about getting as much as they can out of the beginning of the season. There’s been a lot to do so far with players taking up challenges such as finding the letters that spell out Fortnite” around the map while others look to get their Omega and Carbide skins fully upgraded as quickly as they can. It’s no wonder that the XP bug may have gone unnoticed by some with all this going on, but it remains to be seen whether Epic Games plans to follow through with any form of reimbursement.