Fortnite Port-a-Storm Fan Concept Sparks Huge Debate About Game Mechanics

Fortnite fans come up with some pretty sweet ideas from new outfit concepts, to entire maps. Some of the designs are fully intricate, with incredible videos included, while others remain fantastic in their simplicity. Such is the case with this latest fan-pitch and it's so simple and oh so perfect.

With the introduction of the Port-a-Forts, the handy device that spurs a huge fortress proved to be a huge asset when fighting for that Victory Royale, the rules of the game changed dramatically. That's all well and good, but have you considered a Port-a-Storm? This reddit user did and it's sort of perfect:

(Photo: Reddit User 'Fn_BushBandit')

Can you imagine the mayhem if players had the power to incur a storm? One commenter even suggested making a slight change to 'Form-a-Storm' instead and ... yeah, we know this isn't happening but we're already 100% sold on it. Now if this worked like a gas grenade ... then it would be perfect and Epic Games should definitely look into it. Talk about a game changer!

"What if it creates a zone circle with 10 tick damage that expands for 10 seconds before disappearing, and is visible on the map," stated one commenter that did bring up a good point as to how this would actually work in-game if Epic considered it:

Comment from discussion Port-a-Storm.

After the conversation escalated into how the community might toxify this concept, the original poster added, "This idea came from my 9yr old son. I did a mock up of it for him and he wanted me to post it. Like a port a fort except you get a 3x3 storm area. He says you guys can discuss how it might work."


Who knows? Epic Games has certainly added sillier items, and more OP items. I mean ... a company that puts the "Orange Shirt Kid" emote into the game for real, it's a little hard to put anything past them. But that's part of the charm. The dev team behind Fortnite don't take themselves too seriously and they're willing to try just about anything. It's part of the reason why the game has exploded in popularity so quickly, and why we think it will be around for much longer than many anticipated.

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