Fortnite Players Go Viral by Getting Creative With Meteor Craters

Fortnite Season 4 brought massive amounts of destruction when the much-talked about meteor finally struck the map for the popular Battle Royale title. When the blasted thing finally came crashing down, it left scars all over familiar stomping grounds, including Dusty Depot - which is no more.

Instead, Dusty Divot remains in its stead but some players just weren't having it and decided to get a little creative about how to 'make it right.' With a team of 17 cooperative players, the group all joined up in-game to fix the ugly scar and fill up the entire crater. After over 2,500 floor segments and the usage of over 25,000 resources, the assembled group got 'er done and made the sight a beauty once more. Ish.

The call to arms originated on Reddit where it quickly gained traction. Thanks to YouTuber Muselk, we have it all captured in all of its wonder and ... wow. Nicely done, team!

Now how Fortnite works is there are 100 players players all dropped via Party Boss to loot homes and take out other players. The goal? That illustrious Victory Royale. So how did this team of 17 manage to fend off enemy players while they completed their ambitious scheme? According to Reddit, they organized thoughtfully by setting up certain players as guards to defend against others from all sides of the crater. Each had backup, so none of them would be caught unawares. By the time the storm rolled in, project was complete and well on its way to becoming a cherished memory.


It's pretty crazy the things players come up with. Whether it's a hilarious video or constructive feats like this, never underestimate the power of the gaming community when they have their hearts set on a task.

Fornite Season 4 is live now for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PC, and iOS players! Epic Games' own David Spalinski took center stage to discuss the Season 4 Battle Pass and map changes that many players have already noticed. In the most recent developer update video, seen here, the developer team broke down all of the changes the new season brought including Battle Pass and map adjustements.