A Popular Pokemon Go Event Returns This Month

Adventure Week is coming back later this month.

Last year, Pokemon Go launched an Adventure Week event that had INSANE bonuses for players. In addition to Rock-Type Pokemon spawning around the world, players also earned additional candies for walking Buddy Pokemon and got more items with each PokeStop they visited. The event was one of Pokemon Go's most popular events and many player avatars are still sporting the Indiana Jones-esque fedoras that were given to them for free as a part of the event.

Pokemon Go's Italian newsletter revealed that Adventure Week would return later this month. The newsletter told fans that players would get "exciting new bonuses" along with new activities to get players in a true adventure mood.

Adventure Week would be the second big event to hit Pokemon Go this month. The game is currently in the middle of a two week "Battle Showdown" in which Fighting-Type Pokemon are spawning in greater quantities and players are getting bonuses for competing in gym battles and Raids. Plus, players get extra items for just visiting gyms and have the opportunity to find four new Shiny Pokemon in the wild.

Pokemon Go also has some new Legendary Pokemon coming, as Latios and Latias are due to switch regions later this week. There's also a Community Day featuring Charmander, which means more Shiny Pokemon and more special exclusive moves in the game.


While we don't know much about Adventure Week, it's possible that Pokemon caught during it will know the new move "Smack Down," which was added to the GAME_MASTER file but not implemented in the actual game yet. There are plenty of new Rock-Type Pokemon that have appeared in the game since last year, including Nosepass, Solrock, Lunatone, Anorith, Aron, and Lileep and their respective evolutions. That means we could see some more new Shiny Pokemon, or at least fill in a few holes in our PokeDex.

We'll see if Pokemon Go announces any new details about the event soon. In the mean time, players should take advantage of the Battle Showdown bonuses while they still can!