Fortnite Is Taking Over College Graduations

Fortnite Graduation

Fortnite found its way into every school from elementary to college levels since it was released, so it should be no surprise that it’s showing up one last time during graduations.

As the spring semester of colleges and universities comes to a close, more and more students are becoming college graduates after they walk across the stage and get their diploma. Some of them are bringing Fortnite with them on their post-college journey as well, starting by emoting their way across the stage while they shake their administrators’ hands and take their diploma. Some opted for just a brief jig while others opted for an all-out Fortnite showing with the whole squad included.

Even those who weren’t quick enough to catch the Fortnite celebrations on video were still able to report on what’s been going on at college graduations everywhere. Whether it’s the students graduating or scheduled speakers mentioning Epic Games’ battle royale game, Fortnite is making its presence felt at graduations.


One of the biggest ways that Fortnite continued to take over is through the more recent release of the mobile version of the game. While you’re sacrificing the controls and comfort of playing it on a couch or in a gaming chair in front of a better screen, it’s hard to pass up Fortnite on-the-go if you’re already hooked. With mobile now an option, some of the college graduates even opted to play a little Fortnite themselves and look for one last Victory Royale before their name was called. With how boring it is to sit through hundreds of names just to hear yours said once though, who can really blame them? And to answer one Twitter user’s question, no, it’s clearly not frowned upon to play Fortnite during your own graduation.

Graduation season is at its peak now, so expect to see more of these celebrations during the ceremonies. If you don’t get your fill here though, there’s always more Fortnite waiting for you when more graduates walk the stage in the summer.