Star Wars Battlefront II Han Solo Season Starting Soon


In an effort to keep up to date with all of the Star Wars films, including the spin-offs, Star Wars Battlefront II will be hosting a Han Solo event later this month to honor the coming Solo: A Star Wars Story.

Not much is known about what's on the way other than it will be heavily inspired by the upcoming film featuring a much younger Solo and crew. Plus, that Lando! Is it too much to hope for a younger Lando with this upcoming season? Because we're hoping for a much younger Lando in the upcoming season.

Stay tuned, because more information about what the Solo event will have to offer players will be revealing early next week! We're stoked, you're stoked, so we'll be sure to keep you in the know.

If you absolutely can't wait for a little more Han Solo in your life, the MOBA mobile game Star Wars: Force Arena (which is actually really fun!) is hosting their own Solo: A Star Wars Story homage that's going on now.

The MOBA, which is available now for both iOS and Android devices, is hosting a very special in-game spectacle for those that are choosing to celebrate with this card game. Heavily inspired by the upcoming film, it's a limited time only event that will allow players to earn exclusive 40th anniversary cards and in-game bonuses!

According to the devs:

"The May the 4th events will run from May 2 until May 11, giving players the chance to purchase special items with specific event coins acquired through gameplay for a limited-time. Fans can look forward to May the 4th coins and 40th Anniversary Luke and Darth Vader cards as daily login bonuses for those that visit the app any time during the event period. Players will also be able to purchase the 40th Anniversary Luke and Darth Vader cards in the in-game shop for a limited-time."


Star Wars: Force Arena has more than 120 playable cards in the mobile title which houses beloved characters across the franchise, including the newer films and spin-offs. Rogue One and Solo: A Star Wars Story are also featured, making it inclusive for Star Wars fans no matter when they joined the fandom.

You can learn more about the mobile game and how to participate right here.