Crazy Justice Bringing Battle Royale Action To Nintendo Switch Next Month

While console and PC owners get to enjoy Fortnite and PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds whenever they see fit, Nintendo Switch owners don’t have any Battle Royale options to speak of. But that will change a little later this summer, as Black Riddles Studio is just about ready to unleash its previously announced Crazy Justice for the system.

The game, which features authentic Battle Royale action custom-made perfect for home or on-the-go play, will release sometime next month, the company revealed in a recent tweet.

It all began with an update that the team introduced to the game in the form of a “BattleCar,” which you can use to get around the map with ease. You can catch a glimpse of this vehicle in the tweet below. Despite its lack of color, it looks pretty badass.

But then fans commented on the vehicle, with one asking, “What does this game not have?” To which someone responded, “I release date.” But Black Riddles quickly noted, “We’ll release it in June,” complete with a smiley face. You can see that tweet below.

While that’s really the only information we have, it indicates that the studio is almost done with its development. Hopefully we’ll get details soon enough on an actual date and price point -- and just how many players the game will actually support in each mode.


In the meantime, we did come across some new footage for the game, which can be seen above. The sound is a bit on the quiet side, but the graphics look great. You really get an idea of the depth of the map that you’re running around in. The action looks pretty heated as well, as you can easily take down an opponent from a distance.

We’re eager to give this a try and see if we can manage to beat other opponents to a victory. Crazy Justice is set for release sometime in June for Nintendo Switch.