Bandai Namco Has Huge Nintendo Switch Plans

Bandai Namco

While the Nintendo Switch isn’t quite up to full speed with its third party support, it’s certainly doing way better than most people expected. And one company that’s supporting the system has already promised a huge line-up to come in the future.

In Bandai Namco’s latest fiscal earnings release, the publisher noted that it’s pleased with how Nintendo’s latest console is “popular worldwide” and plans to support it with a number of games.

It’s not just going to be about ports however. It has said that it is hard at work on several original titles for the Switch with the first games set to be released in summer 2018.

It’s unknown what these games might be, but there are some estimated guesses. Some have noted that the Switch would be perfect for a port of the hit brawler Dragon Ball FighterZ -- and it’d make a kick-ass announcement at EVO 2018 in a couple of months. However, we’ve also heard that the company’s Ridge Racer franchise could possibly make a return on the system for the first time in years -- though that hasn’t been confirmed yet. E3 is just around the corner, however. So something might be announced. Some have also hinted at a possible port of Soul Calibur VI with its own exclusive characters -- possibly some favorites from the Fire Emblem franchise.

We do know of some games that are already on the way. Dark Souls Remastered will debut sometime this summer, though its recent delay will put it behind the other versions arriving later this month. Also, My Hero One’s Justice will release worldwide sometime this year; and a port of the popular music/rhythm game Taiko No Tatsujin will arrive in a few months, complete with several original Nintendo songs like “Jump Up Superstar!” from Super Mario Odyssey.


Bandai Namco will be presenting its line-up of games at E3 in just a few weeks, so we should be able to get the lowdown on the first titles coming to the Switch at that point. Expect some really great games though -- Bandai Namco has already proven that games like Pac-Man Championship Edition 2+ and Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 can be big sellers on the little system.

We’ll keep you informed on what’s announced!