Next Pokemon Go Update Adds New Move, Huge Quality of Life Improvement

Pokemon Go is adding another new move for Community Day, and making their players' lives a bit easier.

Earlier today, Pokemon Go started rolling out their latest update (version 0.103.2), which contains a few new items for Community Day and an improvement to how Rare Candies are used.

The biggest addition to the game is the move "Blast Burn," a new Fire-Type charge move. This will likely be the special move Charizard learns when it evolves during next weekend's Community Day event. Players are expecting Blast Burn to be a powerful new Fire-Type move, which could change the usefulness of certain Fire-Type Pokemon in the coming months.

The other addition players will love is a new option that allows players to convert multiple Rare Candies at once. Rare Candies can be used to power up or evolve ANY Pokemon, but they previously needed to be converted into a specific candy one at a time....which could be a huge pain. The new update will allow players to convert some or all of their Rare Candies, making it a bit quicker to power up special Pokemon.

It also appears that Pokemon Go is readying their PokeStop submission feature - which looks to be the game's next major update. Soon players will have the ability to request PokeStops near their homes or neighborhoods, although the new update suggests there will be limits as to how many submissions a player can make at a time. This change would be huge for rural players, who have been plagued by a lack of PokeStops, which has made it difficult to collect items.


Unfortunately, the update doesn't give any teases about the upcoming Adventure Day event, which some players theorize will be used as a way to introduce the PokeStop submission feature.

Otherwise, it appears that this is a relatively minor update, but one that fans should still get plenty of use from. Not only does it set up the next Community Day event, there's at least one new feature that should make fans a little happier.