Wild Pokemon Rumor Claims Next Game Will Destroy an Iconic Pokemon City

An insane new Pokemon rumor claims that the upcoming Nintendo Switch game will take place in a familiar setting ravaged by time.

Pokemon fans around the world are waiting for more information about the unnamed Pokemon games due out in "2018 or later." Since Nintendo and Game Freak can't (or won't) release any information about the games other than that they're in development, a steady stream of borderline nonsensical rumors has filled the void for those wanting news on the future of the Pokemon franchise.

One of the recurring rumors about the new Pokemon Switch game is that it will somehow involve the passage of time within the Pokemon world. Some believe that the game will be set in the "future," a hundred years or more after the original Pokemon games, while others think it will somehow involve the murky past, before PokeBalls, PokeDexes and other advanced technology were a "thing" in the Pokemon world.

The fansite PokeJungle recently published another crazy theory, this time stemming from a 4chan user who allegedly is working on localization efforts for the new game. The post claims that the upcoming game will show Pallet Town, the famed home of Ash Ketchum and Red from the original Pokemon games, as submerged under water due to unknown circumstances.

The single line of "leaked" text reads: "Hundreds of years ago, this submerged town gave birth to one of the most famous trainers of all times. It’s name was Pallet Town."

If that theory is correct, it would mean that the new Pokemon games are set in the Kanto region, but in the far future, which means that the geography for that new region would be drastically changed. We've seen other regions change dramatically in the course of just a couple of years, so a Pokemon game set hundreds of years in the future could mean that the Kanto region we know is all but gone.


Of course - there's no way of knowing whether this rumor is correct, and it seems pretty extreme that the Pokemon franchise would sink one of its most iconic locations. Plus, a Pokemon game set in the future would jeopardize other parts of the Pokemon franchise, like the anime, which has followed the same trainer for over 20 years. It seems pretty farfetched to think that the Pokemon anime would suddenly send Ash and Pikachu into the future.

Still, it would be kind of cool to see the Pokemon franchise go a little wild with their world, and we've seen hints of a post-apocalyptic setting in other games. Would you want to explore the Kanto region totally reshaped after hundreds of years? Let us know in the comment section!