Pokemon Go Fest Sells Out in Less Than an Hour Despite Technical Difficulties

Pokemon Go's big 2018 live event will be a packed house.

Tickets for Pokemon Go Fest: A Walk in the Park sold out in less than an hour yesterday, even though the event expanded to two days and greatly expanded the physical space where the event would take place. Hypothetically, this could mean that this year's Pokemon Go Fest will have a much larger attendance than last year.

Of course, the event already had a bit of technical difficulties as the ticket website wasn't prepared for the rush of people looking to get tickets for the event. Many players reported having technical difficulties when trying to access the website, which resulted in players not getting a $20 ticket.

Scalpers are also quickly taking advantage of quick sellout, as some tickets are selling for four figures on eBay.

Niantic Inc. announced that Pokemon Go Fest would return to Chicago later this summer, despite last year's disastrous showing. To offset issues that plagued the event last year, Niantic CEO John Hanke announced that this year's event would feature "towers on wheels" to boost cell signals and would take place in a much larger area of Lincoln Park, so that players could spread out and not overwhelm cell networks. Once registered for the event, players will also get access to the event bonuses outside of Lincoln Park...just in case things go south on the event.

The centerpiece of this year's Pokemon Go Fest is a 1.8 mile walking path in which players can complete Special Research tasks and catch rare Pokemon. An early promotional image showed the Pokemon Torkoal in the background, so players who attend will likely have a chance to catch this otherwise regional-exclusive Pokemon.


Those who didn't get a ticket will still have the ability to participate in the event, as Pokemon Go will have global bonuses and challenges. Last year's event unlocked the first batch of Legendary Pokemon, so this year's event might add another big surprise. With the addition of Mythical Pokemon, it wouldn't be surprising to see Celebi or Deoxys make an appearance at the event.

Pokemon Go has other events planned for this summer, including a big Safari Zone event in Dortmund Germany and an event in Yokohama, Japan.