Fortnite: Pro Baseball Player Tells the MLB He's Quitting Battle Royale

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Epic Games' Fortnite is everywhere it seems, even media outlets that have shown no interest in the video game side of entertainment in the past. The celebrity following, the whopping record-breaking player count, and a constant influx of enjoyable content - it's easy to see the reason behind the game's success. For some though, it may be a little too fun as seen with Boston Red Sox Pitcher David Price.

Price is a multi-million dollar Pitcher for the Red Sox and is definitely a star on the field, but looks like he's in a bit of hot water and not because of baseball. Price has not been shy about his love for the Fortnite title and when he recently missed a start due to being diagnosed with carpal tunnel, the eyes of his peers quickly turned to his more recreational hobbies. That lead to the Major Baseball League looking into his gaming habits, citing that he frequently stays up until after 2 AM playing the popular online game (which is a normal Friday night for us gamers).

While his manager, Alexa Cora, has mentioned that his carpal tunnel is in no way related to his gaming habits, it looks like he was overruled. It stinks, but kind of understandable when there is more than 200 million bucks on the line.

The situation escalated so much to the point that Price has made an official statement that he will no longer play the game of Fortnite during baseball season. According to a piece by MLB, the pitcher is "aware the topic has been a distraction last couple of days."


Below is what Boston Herald reporter chimed in when news broke of Price's "extended vacation" from Battle Royale:

As someone who used to make fun of the overtly simplistic nature of Fortnite and is now thoroughly into the game despite my own wishes, it's an easy game to unwind with. Good luck staying out of Battle Royale though, because reportedly almost all of his teammates still play.