Roof Rage Release Date Revealed, Nintendo Switch Version Announced

Earlier this week we ran an article spotlighting Roof Rage (previously known as Fatal Kick), a local and online multiplayer martial arts platform fighter where fights take place on rooftops. At the time, there was no word on a release date. But that has since changed.

South Korea-based developer Early Melon has announced that Roof Rage will hit PC via Steam Early Access on June 8, 2018, priced at $14.99 USD.

To accompany this announcement, one-man-team Early Melon has also released a brand-new trailer, showing off the game's progress since its previous trailer eight months ago.

But wait, there's more. Early Melon has also announced the game for Nintendo Switch, which it will hit sometime later this year. While the PC provides a much bigger market than the Nintendo Switch, the latter tends to provide better spotlight opportunity for indie games. As you may know, the Nintendo console has quickly become a heaven for independent games, which have been finding unprecedented success on the hybrid console, usually success that dwarfs performance on other platforms. In other words, a Nintendo Switch version is a big deal.

As we previously reported, Roof Rage's origins can be traced back to a variety of prototypes that Early Melon was working on for fighting games. During this process, Roof Rage emerged, and while it was mostly a passion project to start off with (and still is), it quickly developed into a full-fledged game that is now coming to multiple platforms.

Roof Rage will be available on PC and Mac when it hits Steam Early Access on June 8th. Like the Nintendo Switch version, there is no clear and concrete date for when the game will leave Early Access.


Below, you can read more on the game courtesy of an official elevator pitch via Early Melon:

Roof Rage is a Martial Arts Platform Fighter featuring epic rooftop battles. Couch play up to 8 players or 1vs1 online.

  • Local and Online matches
  • Retro stylish combats on rooftops up to 8 players

  • 3500+ sprites -> expect great quantity of pixels moving

  • Awesome 16bit soundtracks made by Pentadrangle

  • Gameplay features lots of liberty of action, pick/catch/throw roof tiles, wave-dash, parry, deflect projectiles, speed-up showdown...