Fortnite Dance Used in Boxer's Victory Celebration

Fortnite has now made it to one more corner of the world with one of the game’s most popular emotes used as a victory celebration after a boxing match.

Last night, lightweight boxer Teófimo López Jr. faced off against his opponent Vitor Freitas. López knocked out Freitas in the first round, an impressive victory itself, but all eyes were on López just as his opponent dropped when the boxer started doing Fortnite’s “Take the L” dance that’s been spotted so many times by now in real-life situations.

Instead of making comments about sportsmanship, those who watched the match seem to just be impressed that a Fortnite dance showed up in a boxing match. Some people even wanted to take it a bit further by editing the clip above to show a bunch of Fortnite loot dropping from Freitas as he hits the ground, an edit that we certainly wouldn’t be opposed to seeing.

Other fans of both boxing and Fortnite commented on how impressive the boxer’s win was with the Fortnite dance making the win that much better. Those who responded to López praised him even more for doing the dance and even had suggestions for the next celebration by saying that Orange Shirt Kid’s now iconic “Orange Justice” dance should be López’s Fortnite emotes used after a victory.

It’s not the first time that Fortnite emotes have shown up in the world of sports, let alone in the realm of competitive fights. As far as real-life celebration go, those were first spotted in sporting events several months ago with professional teams and players doing their own celebrations. From bandaging themselves up to swinging pickaxes around, the Fortnite celebrations were already in full-swing.


Interestingly enough, the Fortnite emotes have also worked in reverse as well with real-life moves being added to the battle royale game’s store. Not long ago, another emote was added that many thought looked suspiciously similar to UFC fighter Conor McGregor’s signature walk. The “Boneless” emote that was added to the store allowed players to walk just like McGregor occasionally would during a pre-fight warmup or a post-match victory.

The Fortnite emotes in victory celebrations likely won’t be ending anytime soon, so be on the lookout for more dances from other competitors and sports, if not from López himself.