Spider-Man PS4 Dazzles In New Promo Image By Marvel Artist


Insomniac Games is moving right along with the development of its superhero adventure Spider-Man for PlayStation 4. But today it showed just how far it’s willing to go when it comes to creating devoted promo art for the game.

James Stevenson, who works as community director for the development team, recently posted a new image for the game that will serve as art for various European outlets. But it’s not just any image taken from the game -- it’s work put together by Alexander Lozano, who works as a cover artist for Marvel Comics!

“We worked with @Lozifer to make this incredible cover image for the #SpiderManPS4 cover stories in Europe,” Stevenson noted. You can see the image in the tweet below.

It’s a spectacular shot of Spidey jumping off a wall and reaching out for something while prepping his web-shooting hand. It also shows immaculate detail, particularly in the sensors in his footwear, as well as with his neat suit design. It’s remarkable stuff.

E3 is just around the corner and Spider-Man is one of the key games that will be focused on during Sony’s press conference since it’s one of its big PlayStation 4 titles for the year. Maybe during that time we’ll see what kind of cover art the game gets -- and if it’ll be this bad-ass. (It’s a safe bet that it will.)

Lozano expressed praise when it came to putting the art together on his Twitter page, which you can see below.


More than likely, Insomniac will continue working side by side with Marvel in the months ahead as it wraps up development on the web-slinging action game -- and maybe even calling upon Lozano again to put together the official cover art for the game, which hasn’t been revealed yet.

Spider-Man releases on September 7 for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 4 Pro.