Rainbow Six Siege Free Play Weekend Starts Soon


With the new content drop coming soon with Operation Para Bellum for Rainbow Six Siege, it's understandable that the team over at Ubisoft would want to host yet another free weekend for those that have yet to try the game for themselves. It's a great way to test out the waters with all of the modes, maps, and operators the game has to offer before the new ones come in for the takeover.

Ubisoft took to their Twitter account to give the good word stating, "Join over 30 Million players this weekend! Discover the intense gameplay of Rainbow Six Siege full of close quarters combat, tactical team play, high lethality and explosive action. All weekend, you can access the full game for FREE: including all of the maps, modes and operators."

The free weekend play event kicks off on May 17th through the 20th for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC players. If you end up digging the title and its play experience, you can also score some sweet deals on the title for up to 50% off! It's a great time to check it out, especially after our teaser about the new operator 'Alibi'.

She's going to be an Operator that players will want to watch out for, "De Luca’s precision shooting skills shot her up the ranks, and she served for a time with the elite Raggruppamento Operativo Speciale in fighting organized crime."

Ubisoft added, "She eventually earned a spot in the Gruppo Intervento Speciale (G.I.S.), and following a successful operation in Afghanistan despite being separated from her unit, she was singled out for undercover work in organized crime. She infiltrated the Vinciguerra Crime Family and spent several years among them before bringing them down from the inside."

As far as operators go, there will be a few key changes that occur. According to the design team, "With the release of Operation Para Bellum, we are adjusting Operator movement speeds. Over the last two years, we have noticed the trade-off between armor and speed is too skewed to higher speed."

  • 3 Speed Operators slightly slower.
  • 1 Speed Operators slightly faster.
  • Small increase to movement speed with handguns out.
    • Automatic sidearms (SMG-11, SMG-12, etc) excluded.

The design update also elaborated more on the 1 and 3 speed changes, stating:


"One of the foundations of the speed vs. armor system is the balancing act between the two. However, we have seen that speed was stronger than armor in almost all situations. To refine that balance, we will bring both ends of the spectrum closer to the middle. The intention of this change to the speeds is to make high armor Operators more viable.

To us, it is also good for the health of the game to slow it down a bit. Slower movement speeds make for a better player experience, and reduce the impact of things such as peeker’s advantage."

It's shaping up beautifully so far and we can't wait to see more! Tune in on May 20th for the full reveal of what's next, with the current game available now on all three major platforms!