Fortnite: Epic Games Confirms Rumored Mode

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Just yesterday, dataminers were able to uncover an interesting little secret regarding Epic Games' Fortnite. Hidden beneath layers of title coding, a feature that many have been begging for has been revealed ahead of schedule: competitive play!

As you can see here in our previous coverage, there was an added 'Comp' folder added to the game's playlists. As the site also mentioned, it includes past Limited Time Modes as well for additional verification. FI also added, "The lack of ‘Playlist_Comp_Duos’ and ‘Playlist_Comp_Squads’ files suggests that it’d only be available for Solo play, though this may be done as a way to test things out before rolling it out to Duos and Squads at a later date."

The team over at Epic just revealed their new Limited Time Mode "Solo Showdown" which looks awfully similar to how a competitive mode should work. But it was one key detail at the end of the developer's blog post that confirmed that this coveted Comp feature is coming to the game, "Stay tuned. We have a major announcement about competitive play next week!"

While it's not a full reveal, it is confirmation that it is on the way - probably given to the amount of leaks that hit earlier. For more clues on how it will work, including how the new mode operates that is going on now, check out some of the details revealed with today's earlier announcement:

"Trying to prove yourself on the battlefield? Queue up for the Solo Showdown mode for a hotly contested Battle Royale experience. Unlike other LTMs, Solo Showdown will not change core gameplay of the current Solo mode. Instead, you will be placed against other self-selected competitors making this the ultimate test of survival."

For those that choose to compete, there are some hefty rewards on the line:

  • 1st Place: 50,000 V-Bucks
  • 2nd - 4th Place: 25,000 V-Bucks
  • 5th – 50th Place: 13,500 V-Bucks
  • 51st – 100th Place: 7,500 V-Bucks

They also added, "We’ll be using the Solo Showdown as a one-off stepping stone to learn how to build great events for all types of players. If you crave testing and improving your own skills, give it a try and let us know what you think. To thank you for participating, play 50 games and get a unique spray."

The new mode is going on from now until May 21st at 10 AM ET.

Fortnite is available now for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PC, and iOS. The game will eventually be making its way onto Android devices, though we still don't have an official release date at this time. Don't forget to also check out the latest patch that went live this morning to stay in the know about what's new, and what's different, in Epic Games' hit title.